Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Easter a little late!!

I have actual pictures form Easter Day but I don't have my camera cord at the moment! So I will post more later..

We are all done moving and I started working at a little coffee shop a few days a week so I have been really busy but it's so much fun! Teg will be 14 months in a few days so I will do his post then and some easter pictures.. He loved the Easter egg hunt it was the cutest thing to see him walking around getting his eggs he thought they were all balls and was in heaven!


The Key Family said...

happy easter! you look absolutely beautiful! and of course troy and teg look adorable! your family is so cute! i hope i can see you guys soon! did you get a new house? where at? miss you guys! ps were comin home for the family reunion in june!!

Lindsey Jensen said...

He is soo dang cute!! Where did you guys move to?

Evans said...

Oh my heck he is as cute as can be! You look great! Wish you loved closer, I miss you!