Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tegan's Blessing!

We did Tegan's blessing in St. George. It was so good to see everyone. Troy's grandpa did the blessing and it was the most spriritual amazing blessing I have ever heard. I love my little boy, and all my family!Thanks to everyone who came, it was good to see you all!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

First Photo Shoot!!

Here are a few pics from Tegan's first photo shoot! Elements photography did them and I love them. Tegan had to be naked the whole time no diaper or anything I got peeded and pooped on several times and so did Troy. Usually newborns sleep through there first pics but not him he was awake and mad the whole time, but you would never know from these pictures! He slept for probably 3 hours the second she left our house figures right.. I like that he is awake and bright eyed in all the pictures though. He has grown so much since these were taken I love being a mom and watching him grow and smile now!

P.S. He rolled over for the fisrt time a couple days ago and has done it like 3 times now!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Holy update...

It has been 2 months already and so much has happened. We now live in Bountiful and I can see my sisters house from my front door. We love our place, and Troy's job is going good. He works long hours, but I have my sister to be with to pass the time.

Tegan is 2 months old already. I had to get to get his stinking shots, so sad, but he did so good, only cried for a second. He is such a good baby, rarely cries, poos all the time, and is starting to smile and make cute noises.

2 month stats
11 lb 13 oz 50%
24 1/4 in 90%

Here is a bunch of pics, enjoy. Pictures of my house to come soon.