Friday, December 4, 2009


So I am a little late but that is ok! Thanksgiving was so fun this year it started off with Nichole and I running a 10k! It was freezing but so much fun and makes eating so much not feel as guilty! We went to my Aunt's house tons of family and food what more could we ask for!

Also I wanted to make my list of things to remember about Teg at 9 months he is 9 1/2 months now but once again better late then never!!

9 Months
1. Is such a happy baby smiles at everyone and anyone has yet to be scared of somebody new that holds him or talks to him!

2. Crawls all over and is super fast at finding the only things he should not play with and he can choke on!

3. Has the perfect wave.

4. Blows kisses on command!

5. If i ask him what a cow says he moos with his mouth shut but I think that still counts!

6. Loves to dance I think his favorite song is party in the use by Miley Cyrus.. A little embaressed of that one but his dance moves are soooo cute!! He starts dancing to any type of beat that comes on!

7. Has been sick 5 times now in his short little life.. It breaks my heart

8. Is a pretty good eater loves all table food but still will eat his baby food to!

9. He has 4 teeth and two more on there way.

10. Loves his Auntie and Ever they make him smile and laugh all day long.

11. Sleep from about 8:30 to 9:00 in his crib not even a peep in the night! It is heaven I never knoew how sleep deprived we were until we actually started getting full night sleeps again!

12. Takes 2 naps a day still one long one in the early afternoon and a cat nap in the evening!

13. Is such a binkie baby!

14. Ans last but not least s ready for that evening nap right now and crying at my feet so gotta go!

15. We love him more than words can say I never knew how rewarding motherhood could be he always gives me kisses and cuddles and there is nothing sweeter.. I love my family have the best husband and family and have so much to be greatful for!