Monday, July 28, 2008

San Diego

This was the first day at the beach we were there all day I FRIED the rest of the days we all pretty much spent in the shade!
Logan's wedding it was such a pretty place and we were staying at that resort so it made it very nice.
Kristen looked so beautiful I totally cried I am an emotional wreck lately!

We just got back from our trip to San Diego it was so much fun and the weather was amazing it never got over 82 degrees!! It was so hard to come back to the sauna that we live in! We went down to Logan and Kristen Holyoaks wedding it was a beautiful wedding and we had some good company Adam and Cass came to and it was so much fun. Also the day before we left Troy and I got to hear the heart beat it was such a neat thing it put my mind at ease alot and was just so crazy and amazing! This weekend we get to go with Rhett and Nichole to his parents cabin we are so lucky to be invited two nice weekends of beating the heat! Which is good for me this heat does not help the nausea...