Friday, September 7, 2007


This was the most amazing trip we have ever been on you all have to make it there someday it is so gorgous!! Thanks to Cassidy we heard about the cottage that was so nice accept for the roosters the neighbors have that make there noise all day. We had to much fun with Rhett and Nichole poor Nichole was sick most the time but she was a tropper and still had fun! I can not wait to go back there everything is so green and the weather was perfect! We did some way fun snorkeling also but we had to use an underwater disposable camera so no pics to blog of those! That rope swing was so scary!! That is me and Troy swinging from it. The beaches there are so nice and relaxing it was so hard to come home and go back to work. I think that is the worst part about vacation is knowing it is going to go by so fast and soon you have to go back to reality and work it is the worst!!
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