Monday, January 25, 2010

One year Photos!

So Teg is not one quite yet but my sister took his pictures for his invitation and one year photos! Have I said how good she is she does amazing and these ones are my favorite to date!

Friday, January 15, 2010

11 Months!

Just wanted to do a quick post for my little boy he is 11 months 1 more month and I will have a 1 year old.. Time flies when you are having fun! He is so much fun and I don't know how I could love him anymore! There are a few things I forgot on things to remember at 11 months:

1. When I ask how old you are going to be you hold up your cute little finger! ( I showed him once and he got it so cute)

2. You know what a cow says and are working on snake and tiger!

3. You say uh oh and put your hands up and pucker your lips constantly it is probably my favorite thing you do!

4. You say duck and make sure you get the k in there its like duckkkk!!

5. You point to mommys nose eyes and mouth when I ask you, and finally point to me when I ask where is mommy!

6. When I give you a comb you brush your hair, when I give you my phone you hold it to your ear and have said hi dad a couple times!

7. You open every cabinet, drawer, anything and make a mess in a hurry! Love to play with the toilet paper and the bathroom in general (so gross) why does that have to be his favorite spot?

8. Last you make the funniest faces all the time, a lady the other day said you were making the best zoolander face and I had to tell her you always make that face!

You are totally daddys son look at those saggy pants I'm in trouble you are starting a little young. Troy was giving the dog a bath and Teg watched the whole time I walk in and this is what I see to butt cracks!! So cute one of my favorite pictures..

Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas and 11 months!

My two favorite boys!!
Poor Teg was getting a cold and we didn't know so sledding was not his favorite thing that day but he did pretty good!
My handsome husband who is also the best dad! Thanks for making this Christmas such a good one babe I love you!
Teg could have really cared less about it being Christmas he really did not get excited about anything he opened. Next year I am sure he will he just wanted to eat everything this year!
Grandpa Pay oh how he loves Teg and Ever he is such a good Grandpa and they love him to! All Teg's grandparents spoiled him rotten this year they got him more than we did! No kidding every present was huge you should see my house it is the ultimate toy room!
He did love this toy especially after he biffed it 2 seconds after this picture! He didn't cry though he is pretty tough..
Keeping tradition alive since I was Tegan's age we have done Christmas Eve jammies and Troy and I do it for eachother and were so excited to start it with Teg!
This was Christmas with my mom holy cow that women is crazy she loves these two more than anything and she sure shows it! They were spoiled rotten by Grandma!
My mom got Teg this rocking horse and he was fine with it until I turned on the sounds it makes it was so funny! Now he loves that thing though..
Even your Auntie spoils you! You are one loves little dude, Nichole got him this sweater it' so cute on him he has the bluest eyes and this just makes them so much bluer!

So Christmas is so much better with a kid it makes the excitment so much diffrent just watching them open prestents and his reaction was so cute I can't wait for years to come I love you Teg!

Things to remember at 11 months:
1. You can pull your self up on everything now and walk when you hold on to something.

2. You are sick again this is like your 3 cold I feek so bad for you..

3. You still have 3 to 4 bottles a day and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner!

4. You look way older than 11 months well you aren't 11 months yet but 1 week away!

5. Your feet have not grown since about 4 months old until 2 days ago I swear you went from a 2 to a 4 like over night.

6. You are starting to be a daddys boy sometimes.. And you loved your uncle chad in St.George he was the only one you wanted, you wanted nothing to do with mommy when he was around.

7. You fit in 12 to 18 month clothes

8. Still sleeping through the night most nights accept for when you are sick (like now)

9. You say dog and dad all day long still not mama

10. Wave and blow kisses to everyone. you hold up your 1 finger when I ask how old you are

11. You do touchdown when we tell you to

12. You give mommy kisses on command which I love!!

13. You dance to anything that has a beat I think you are going to be a hip hop dancer because you love to do these awesome chest pops!

14. You have yet to cry when anyone talks to you or holds you! You are the best baby and I could not imagine my life without you!

15. Does anyone elses kid do this Teg loves to make him self gag he is constatly putting his finger down his throat and his toys to the point where he pukes and still keeps doing it?? So wierd I hate it so much and don't know how to make him stop..

16. You have 6 teeth and know how to use them bitting me and everyone else who comes around.. (How do I make that stop??)