Sunday, March 25, 2007

This is where we got married!! I am sad Nichole and Rhett live in Salt Lake we hardly ever get a chance to see them anymore they are both so busy I hope they move back here soon! It is cool that we ended up marrying boys that already new eachother we miss them!!

This was our honeymoon we went on a cruise this was at one of the ports Mazatlan, we had so much fun we want to do a group cruise some day. Has anyone been on any fun cruises?

This is my cute dog Bailey, and my cute mom doesn't she look good!! She has lost so much weight and is doing so well.

This is from our trip to Florida a couple weeks ago! We had so much fun we went with all of Troy's family Florida is such a fun place to visit. Sorry it took me so long to get some pictures I a am not the smartest with this program plus I am noticing I don't have that many pictures. I am the type that when I go on a trip I have to much fun or get to busy I forget to take any pictures. Plus our digital camera got stolen at the Las Vegas airport baggage claim!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

No pictures yet??

I am not sure how this works yet so I will figure it out when I get home from work and try to post some pictures!! If any one has some tips let me know!!