Thursday, February 26, 2009

Labor Story!

Tegan 11 days old getting ready for bed!

It is much harder to get pictures of both of us when your home alone all day!

First bath he was not so sure about it now we have to wait another week for another real bath because of the sad circumsision...

Tegan and Kendall

Grandpa loving on Tegan he is so cute with him you can tell how much he loves him!

I hope you have all day to read this post it is going to be a long one but I will try is simplify it! So the sunday before Valentines day I woke up having contractions, they were not really painful but they were about 2 to 3 minutes apart. Troy and I went for a long walk up a big hill trying to get them to come on stronger. Well they never stopped so we decided to go to the hospital and get checked just to be safe. They hooked me up to all the monitors and I was having pretty strong contractions, so they checked me and I was only dialated to a fingertip. Well they said they would keep me for an hour and check me again and if I had made any progress they would admit me. An hour goes by they check me again she said I had very little change but by cervix had thinned to about 70%. She called my doc and he told her to have me walk the halls for an hour and check me again. That was fun walking when you feel like you have a bowling ball between your legs! They checked me again and she said I was a 1 so the doc told her lets admit her she is going to have this baby today! That was the last thing we expected so we call everyone including my mom and sister who immediatly hit the road to make it here for the delivery. They started my pitocin right away the contractions I was having were really not that painful, and I thought I can do this natural if this is as bad as they get boy was I wrong. So we had been at the hospital for about 6 hours now and my doc comes in to break my water and check me. He says what is going on you are only 50% thinned and not even a 1 yet . So he tells us we should go home and see if labor progresses he thinks I am in false labor. What the heck I just started balling afer all this time here and IV and everything I have to go where without my baby no way. He said I would most likely have a c-section if I stayed, so for the health of my baby we did what he said and went home. Nichole and my mom were already in Filmore so they just kept coming thinking I would have him the next day or something. So to make a long story short they stayed until Tuesday that is when my weekly check up was and I had still not had Tegan I think we walked the mall and every other store in town a million times trying to get this baby out! Troy and I even walked up foremaster down the other side and back up that was sure fun while having contractions. So my mom had to go back to work so she left Tuesday but my sister stayed and walked the week away with me I could not have made it without her, and my amazing husband who was the best through this whole experience! Day by day my contractions got worse but Friday night they were different way more painful than any others I had. So we head back in for the 3rd trip to the hospital to get checked I figured I'm going to be a 1 no change this baby is never coming out! So I was still a 1 but in bad pain they gave me 2 loratabs and a shot that is suppose to stop fake labor but if your in real labor it won't do anything. Well they did nothing for the pain and the next time she checked me I was almost a 2 so they admitted me again, and I made them promise this time was for real. I couldn't get the epidural until I got to a 3 my contractions were so strong about an hour went by and she checked me again I was a 2 and right as she stopped checking me my water broke and I was a 3! So I wanted the epidural right then I was expecting much more relief than I got I could still feel all contractions and I could feel the baby moving down. I am not sure how people do it natural. Things moved pretty quick from there within another hour I was a 6 and the next hour an 8. I love my husband so much he was so helpful and there for me I was making crazy noises and in severe pain but the never left my side same with my sister they are both my heroes that day! They sent the epidual man back in and he said it is in right the baby must be sitting on a nerve blocking the epidural I have never been in so much pain in my life! So I was fully dialated ready to push I pushed for about 20 minutes the doc came in and said I had a little bit of a cerival lip that needed to go away before I could continue to push. So I was fully dialated so much pressure and horrible contractions and had to sit there for an hour and a half beofre I could push again. Once I started pushing the pain got better and I pushed for and hour and baby Tegan was born at 8:34 AM! 14 hours of labor worth every second he is the most amazing thing in our lives I can't remember life without him. I wanted to thank my sister again for staying with me until he came and all the support she gave me during labor I can't imagine doing it without her. As for my husband he is such an amazing father and husband and put up with so much during the whole process. We have grown so much closer together I love you babe!! We had our 3 year anniversary on the 11th which we were at the hospital that night to, but we are so blessed to have a healthy baby boy that is all that matters!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quick Picture Post

I will have to give the labor story another day when I have 3 days seriously that was one hard labor but worth every second I could not be more in love with my precious baby boy!

Monday, February 16, 2009

He finally came!!!

Tegan Jack Barnes
February 14th 2009
7 lbs 14 oz
21 inches

p.s. This is Nichole, Tara will post as soon as she has time. He already looks a lot different, this was pretty soon ater his birth! He is the cutest thing in the world though. Looks a lot like Tara's baby pics to me!