Thursday, April 29, 2010

14 Months

So this is a little late but I wanted to do Teg's 14 month post! Mainly for my memory I don't blame you if you don't read it all!

1. he weights almost 26 pounds and is really tall..
2. He learns something new everyday he is like a sponge lately.
3. He loves hats and would wear one everyday if I let him.
4. He can say tons of words like dog, hat, diaper,baba,mom,dad,grammy,papa,auntie I could go on forever he will basically try to say anything you ask him, it's not always perfect but he will try it.. My favorite thing he says right now is panda bear and costco and he does this awesome arm pump with it..
5. He says yes and no to stuff.
6. He knows what the snake says, tiger, dog, cat, cow, elephant, monkey, duck!
7. He is the best eater he truly would eat all day if I let him, he likes basically anything.
8. Loves to play outside and we do any chance we get!
9. He has the cutest personality and is so animates all the time!
10. Still wants nothing to do with tv sometimes he will watch baby einsetein in the car..
11. I could go on all night he really is so smart and such a blessing I love him more than anything and the times he cuddles with me now which are everyday, are my favorite moments..

If I knew all my kids would be as good as him I would have 10! He sure loves his daddy to. Troy rode a motorcycle home from work the other day and he saw him pull up now every time he sees a motorcycle he yells daddy!! So cute he loves his dad and gets so excited to see him!
We went to stg last weekend and Troy's parents were cleaning the pool and Teg wanted to help so bad!
His hair is getting more blonde and still so curly!
This is a had his Papa Barnes bought him and he loved it he fell asleep in the car wearing it and wore it his whole nap!

Teg's best friend they are so cute together Tegan just follows Ever around like a shadow it reminds me of me following Nichole around when we were little!

Easter day! He was not happy about photos he just wanted to find those eggs!
See now he was happy doing what he does best eat!
I love my little family! Troy is the best dad he loves to play with Teg it was so cute to watch those two find Easter eggs!
Decorating eggs he thought that was pretty awesome. He thought the eggs were balls and kept throwing them..

We got this for Teg on sunday he is in love it has a foot pedal he steps on and he totally loves to ride it! Now if it would just stop snowing so we can go outside and play with it! He rides around the hose for now..

I know all my post are about Teg I am going to make an effort to make my blog more exciting! It seems like all the exciting things that happen are Tegan I need to branch out more, and do more. It is my goal to blog more and not have everyone be a mile long because I haven't blogged in a month!


The Higbee's said...

Oh my gosh Tara! Tegan is so freakin cute! I love the picture of him sleeping in his carseat with that hat on!

djzmcallister said...

My mom and dad bought Zhar that harley bike too. It is so cute. He loves it too. Tag is so dang cute, they need to play if you come to STG this summer. we will be there.

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