Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Broken.. and starting to walk/ b-day pics finally

So my computer will not read my memory card from my camera for some reason it is really making me sad becasue Teg has started to walk and it is so cute! He still uses crawling as his main transportation but on Feb.19 he took his first steps, and now can walk quite far but just hasn't decided to use walking all the way yet.

Here are a few pictures from his 1 year party!
Enjoying some of the weather while in St.George at the red hill!

We took Teg to see the ducks I think he would have got in and swam with them if we would have let him.

This was the St.George party he got 2 hats for his b-day this was one I have never seen a little boy more obsessed with hats he always wants to wear his!
My handsome boys!
This was his second cake so he was looking at me like really you are going to let me do this again??
Ever is so cute and was so excited to come to Teg's party she looks so cute!
This is after he ate his cake at his first party all cleaned up enjoying his new toys!
Oh man did he love his cake these are backwards but he was so mad I put him in his high chair until he realized what was coming. Then he was in heaven!

Troy taught Teg to go down stairs since we have two flights in our house it took one night of practice and he was good to go now he gets off the bed right and does like a 3 point turn to go down the stairs its sooo cute!!


Nikki+Jeremie said...

i wish we could have been there for the party! hes so adorable. im glad he didnt swim with those scary angry ducks haha..I like to go see them too and feed them but secretly they scare me a tiny bit haha


never seen a kid do that to a cake! it was awesome. he is the coolest kid i know!