Tuesday, February 16, 2010

4 years!!

So February 11th was my 4 year anniversary, and Troy surprised me with 13th row tickets to the Jazz vs Lakers game. It was so much fun and just nice to spend some time with my best friend. It sure gets hard to spend quality time together now that we have Tegan and he works such long hours but we make it work. I just want to list a few reasons why I am so in love with this man:
1. He is such a hard worker
2. He is so easy to talk to
3. He is always there for me in any way
4. He will finally eat mexican food with me!
5. He is such a handyman and can fix anything
6. He is a peacemaker
7. He always puts me and Teg first
8. He is really hot...
9. He has a great family
10. He is my husband and I would not know what to do without him! I love you babe thanks for the best four years of my!

P.S. Teg's b-day was on valentines day and we had two partites so I will do pics from that soon.. My baby is 1...


~..kass..~ said...

Happy Anniversary :)

Lindsey and Nick said...

Happy Anniversary!!! And Happy Birthday little man!!

Nikki+Jeremie said...

happy anniversary! we sure love you guys!! we miss ya!

Ryan and Angie Dana Family said...

You are such a beautiful couple!