Sunday, August 22, 2010


This first picture was before we went to Ben Prince wedding he looked so grown up to me it made me cry, he is getting way to old! He is 18 months now his dcotor appt. is in a few days so I will do his 18 month post then.

So Troy recently bought a motorcycle and Tegan is now truly obsessed. He has to watch hid dad leave for work in the morning and says ride ride over and over. When Troy gets home sometimes he takes him around the parking lot and Teg is in heaven. Anytime we pass one in the car he just say oohhh wow babo.. That's how he says motorcycle when it drives away he says where go over and over. He also rides whatever one he can get his hands on. I think I am destined to have a motorcycle rider which freaks me out!! At least he will wear a helmet! He is still obsessed with hats and helmets are no different!

I love my boys so much!


Key Family said...

I love his cute little hat..He is adorable and looks so big!! Hopefully we can see you guys soon...we miss ya! Hope hes feelin' better!!!