Thursday, September 17, 2009

My favorite sound! 7 months...

This video is my mom getting Tegan to laugh the other night cutest thing he loves his grandma!! Also we took family pictures with Troys family like 3 months ago and I forgot to post any pictures I love Troys family we are sad we don't get to see enough of them anymore miss ya guys! Teg is 7 months now and I always say this but this stage is my favorite so far.
He can clap and does it when I sing to him.
He dances a little bit when my phone rings.
He waves at people now its backwards and probably the cutest thing I have ever seen, his hands are so chubby!
Loves being a big boy in the shopping carts.
I think he is close to crawling I can just tell he is so ready to be mobile and wants everything in sight.
He has his two bottom teeth has had them for about 2 weeks now!
He weights 19.8 lbs. and is getting really heave to carry around. Can he face forward at 20 lbs. or do I have to wait until he is one??
Oh I love him and seeing boys with there moms when they get older makes me so excited to have a son I hope he is a mommy's boy!

I took some fake bridals to and will post some of those next time!

p.s. Teg is still not sleeping through the night any advice??



cutest baby in all america! i love that little guy so much. he is getting so smart, i can't believe he would make the sound so she would do it again, oh my heck.

as far as the sleeping through the night thing goes, you should ask me I am the master on that. ever has always been the best sleeper, i am so lucky!! you are definitely doing something wrong.

Tim & MyLyn Wood said...

Hi Tara! I'm not sure if you remember me from Dixie but I read your blog every once in awhile. The thing that helped Owen sleep thru the night was I'd feed him actual food an hour before his bedtime & then give him a smaller bottle before putting him down. It keeps him fuller long and he usually sleeps from 8:45pm to 8:00am. Another thing that might help is we have music playing softly in the background so if he wakes up he doesn't get scared. Hope that helps!

Katie K. said...

so cute!!

Tyler and Kristen Owens said...

I can't believe that he is already 7 months. He is SO cute!
I have had problems lately with my kids sleeping... So I went and bought the book
Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child
(it was recommended by a friend, and it worked for her too. her son never slept through the night in over two years... and it only took 3 nights to get him to sleep 12 hours straight)
It is wonderful! You will have him sleeping through the night in 4 nights!! Sometimes you have to let them cry but it's always worth it!
Good Luck!

Brianna said...

That is the best sound, I agree! His laugh is so adorable, I love it! I can't believe he will clap and baby is lazy:)

Cassidy Legg said...

Oh my heck that is so cute. I miss him so much. Cant wait to see you guys again. Kendall still doesnt have any teeth!!! I cant believe he has two!!! Oh man he is the cutest

Evans said...

That video is so stinkin cute I love it! I can't believe how big he is, it's so sad I don't get to see him all the time! As far as the sleeping thing goes every kid is different but what works for me is I always have a humidifier on to drown out the noise and then I just had to let my kiddos cry it out for a few nights and they they were cured! Best thing I ever did was just let them cry because even though it is soo freakin hard for mom's, it's the best thing for your baby I promise! But like I said all babies are different, and everyone has their own opinion! I did it with Elle when she was about 4 months old and she has NEVER woken up in the night, if she does she is talking or crying in her sleep and she stops in like a minute! And same thing with Trey but he was a lil older like 5 or 6 months so he was a lil harder but it worked! Good luck. I'll call ya soon and we will chat!

Gardner Fam said...

He is soo stinkin' cute!! He's doing so many cute things it looks like too! So about the carseat thing, he needs to be 1 & 20 for forward-facing (so a year old and 20 lbs). Recently carseat experts have said that 2 & 20 is much safer, so I'm debating on when to do it with Aiden. As for sleeping through the night, my kids have been doing it since they were 2 & 3 months old, but the way I helped them is just to stick their binky back in when they cry and just leave them alone. If they continue crying then I just leave them be! Also, probably around that age, they still like to go to bed with a full tummy so feeding him just before bed might be helpful. Of course he's not my kid so I'm not sure what you have and haven't tried yet! Hopefully you get it figured out soon! Crying it out isn't the most fun method, but it typically works. Good luck!

Nikki+Jeremie said...

tara! I cant believe how big hes getting already! he is so cute! and the pictures at cathy and daves are way cute! i love them! miss you guys!!

djzmcallister said...

How could you not love that sound, so cute. He is so cute, I love his beautiful eyes.

Pay Family said...

Hi Tara,

Teagan is so cute. It is fun to be able to see pictures of him. I wish we could see you more often. My only advice with sleeping is sometimes you have to let them cry. It is really hard. Check on them every 5 minutes and give them a pacifier again, but don't pick them up. The first night is the worst. (Mark had a hard time with this the first time I did it.)