Wednesday, August 19, 2009

6 months!!


I can't believe Tegan is already six month wow time flies!! This is my favorite age so far, you can start to see his personality and they laugh and interact, it's my favorite! He is usually a really good baby sometimes we have screaming fits when he gets overly tired and fights sleeping , but other than that he likes to be held and then he is fine. I am hoping he will like to play by himself soon, because for now if he is not being held or I am in the room he cries...

Troy and my family took me to the cheesecake factory for my birthday that is the best restaurant the food there is delicious! Tegan is sporting his belly in that picture he is so chunky!!

Things to remember at 6 months:
1. He sits up by himself
2. He rolls over, but usually gets stuck on his tummy..
3. Loves most fruits and likes sweet patatoes but thats the only veggie so far!
4. He stares at everyone when they are eating with these puppy dog eyes like please give me a bite!
5. He says dadada sometimes but no mama yet (not fair)
6. He could care less who holds him sometimes I don't think he even knows I'm his mom because he is so relaxed with whoever.
7. No theeth yet
8. Smiles so much and melts my heart when he does, he has the biggest smile
9. Still does not sleep through the night but is doing better
10. Makes my life better and better everyday!!

6 month stats:
Weight: 17 lbs 13 1/2 oz 60%
Height 28 inches 95%
Head: 44 1/2 cm 75%


Lindsey said...

He is an absolute doll! Everyones babies are growing up too fast.
You are one hot mom/wifey Tar!

MeganDan said...

What a cute little guy! And happy birthday. I remember your birthday from when we were in elementary. Funny :)

Where are you guys living. I think we should have a N. Utah people get-together :)

Evans said...

He's so flippin cute! I totally forgot about your bday! Happy late birthday! Some friend I am!

MeganDan said...

Hey! Dani and I just got together last night for dinner. We should all go play :) email me your number! I stalk you all the time on your blog

djzmcallister said...

He is a cute little guys, he is getting so big.