Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4th of July/ 5 months old

This year for the fourth Troy's brother from St.George came to visit us! We had so much fun and it was all of our first time wearing a sweater watching fireworks. Usually we are in St.George where you can hardly even go outside it is so hot.. We watched the fireworks up on a mountain on this really nice golf course and we all agreed they were the best fireworks we had ever seen!

Also my baby is 5 months old today I can't believe how fast time has gone he gets more fun every day, even though he is screaming at me right now not wanting me to be blogging! Here are a few things he does now for my record:
1. Rolls from belly to back and back to belly (sometimes he hates his tummy so he avoids rolling over but he can do it.)

2. Is starting to sit up he will sit for a minute or two by himself it is so cute!

3. Laughs more now lots of giggles I have only heard one really hard belly laugh once on the 4th of July!

4. Loves his rice cereal now or should I say banana flavored otmeal cereal that is his favorite he has a giant bowl every night.

5. Sleeps in his crib usually until around 3 or 4 5 if I am lucky than cries for a bottle (any advice on how to fix this situation?? I want him to sleep through the night...

6. He is the happiest baby and smiles at everyone he is going to be a flirt I know it. He picks the cute girls out and won't stop smiling at them! His smile melts my heart!

7. He is the best thing to ever happen to Troy and I we love you so much Tegan!!

We also went to Park City over the weekend with Rhett and Nichole and Ever we went shopping and rode the alpine slide. I was wearing flip flops and you have to take a ski lift to the top and my husband who is still a child at heart thought it was funny to joke around, and pretend to kick my flip flops off... Well funny joke when it does fly off and I have to walk around bare foot the rest of the time and the slide and the long walk back to the car. Oh well I bought two new pairs to pay him back for it!!



Those stinking pics are so cute of him in that blue, I can't stand it!

I love that you lost your shoe, you got 2 pair in its place! Woohoo

Lastly, I look like a horse in that freaking picture, I need braces or something! Ever looks stinking cute, we can never get a good pic of the both of us! Probably cause she always looks cute, and I look like a horse face!

Evans said...

Oh my heck Tara he looks so much like you I think! He is getting so big it's sad! That's awesome that you went and bought 2 new pairs of shoes thats exactly what I would have done! Of and tell Nichole she is an idiot because she doesn't look like a horse face at all! Cute pictures!