Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tegan Jack 4 months old!!

Wow 4 months I can't believe how fast time goes by these days. Tegan had his four month check up friday, and he did so good. He got the shots was screaming then I stuck some food in his mouth and we were good to go. He is such a good baby!

We did have a scare about a week ago, Tegan had a fever of 101 for a day so I called the doc and they told me to bring him in since the tylenol was not working. Troy and I took him there thinking no big deal just a little fever and he had been super honory. Well they decided to draw his blood and give him a shot of antibiotics because he was so young with a high fever. We waited to the blood results and his white blood count was way high so thats why they gave him the shot of medicine hoping that would kill whatever infection he had. They sent us home and wanted to see us back the next day which was saturday, Troy had to work so I went alone. He still had the fever so they drew his blood again which is so hard to watch, did a chest x-ray and gave him another antibiotic shot. I felt so bad for the poor little guy he had been through so much. They said his lungs looked a little bad and that they would call me with the blood test results. So I was sent home with another medicine to give him and just waiting for a phone call. Well I gave him the medicine that night also Troy had left for a bachelore party so I was with my mom and sister. Ten minutes later Tegan puked up I am pretty sure everything I had fed him for the past 2 days and the medicine it was so bad I have the hardest hime with puke, but I dealt with it for my son... So I get a phone call at 11:45 at night it's the doc and they tell me they found a bacteria in his blood and I needed to take him to primary childrens first thing in the morning. Talk about freakin me out I did not sleep all night worried sick about Tegan. I called Troy he came home early from wendover and we went to the hospital sunday morning. Well to make a long story short after another chest x-ray, another blood draw, an IV in his little hand and a tube down his nose to suction him out they find out the bacteria was a non staff infection from his skin or the nurses and it had accidently got in the blood sample and he really didn't have any bacteria in his blood... Poor guy all that for nothing they said it was a cold after that, better safe than sorry I guess right???

Anyway he is back to his happy self now and getting huge:

4 month stats:

Weight: 15 Lbs. 7.5 Oz. 75th%
Height: 26 1/4 inches 90th%

1. Loves his fingers and toes thanks to his aunt who introduced his toes to him!!
2. I think he has a tooth real close to coming out he chews on everything!
3. Still is a terrible sleeper at night waked up about every 4 hours
4. Has rolled over lots of times
5. Yesterday he sat up by him self for about 1 minute
6. Makes the cutest baby noises with the most manly voice
7. Falls asleep in the car all the time
8. Hates tummy time, he cries as soon as I put him on his tummy
9. Has giggled about 5 times and it makes me cry it's the cutest thing ever!!
10. Has made the last 4 months of my life the best ones yet Troy and I love him so much and just don't know what we ever did without him!!


Nikki+Jeremie said...

oh tara he is so adorable!! You look so good already and you and troy look so happy! i wish we could see ya more often!! thanks for the text! we are super excited!! I cant wait hopefully it goes by fast;)! we love you guys!

Kristi said...

That is so scary, I'm glad everything is ok! There is NOTHING worse than seeing you kids hurt, and especially seeing them in the hospital!! 3 out of the 4 of mine have had either surgery, or hosptial stays and as a mom, not being in control is hard! :) He is so cute, he is a good mix of the both of you! It was good to see pictures and I'm glad everything is going good for you guys!

Jason and Sheila Jensen said...

OMG! The SAME exact thing happened to Kaylee just yesterday...but we are at the part of waiting for the "full" blood work results. I cried when they took her blood! I'm glad Tegan is's so hard to see their little bodies get poked and go thru so much!!

Evans said...

Gosh stupid nurse! How sad! I can't believe he weighs 15 pounds he is a big boy! He just gets cuter and cuter!

MeganDan said...

Tara, I can't get over how cute your little boy is. I love the name Tegan, by the way. Sorry about your visit to primary childrens. That would be way stressful :(