Wednesday, January 28, 2009

STG baby shower/weekly doctors appts.!

I am so lucky to have such good friends and family to support me and come to my baby shower! I did not get pictures of all of you that came but here are a few that my sister took for me. I wanted to thank my good friend Kasse for throwing the shower with my mom and sister it turned out so nice we had so much fun and baby Tegan got so spoiled this boy is set for a while I think! My mom and sister did two showers for me thank you guys so much I love you so much! Thanks to all that came and supported me to it was so good to see you all!
Also I have been going weekly to the doctors for two weeks now last week I was 30% thinned out but no dialating yet. This week I was 50% thinned out but still no dialating I was a little dissapointed we are so ready to meet our little guy I was hoping for more change than that better luck next week I guess. We can't all be as lucky as Cassidy can we. I wish though!! I will post after next appointment hopfully there is some change there any tips on how to speed this process up a little?? My last day at work is Feb. 10th so I hope I make it until then but after that any day would be wonderful!


Brianna said...

Just walk walk walk! I walked so much and I swear it helped. Whenever I would feel a contraction I would start walking. On the day I went into labor I had been jumping on a trampoline a little and doing a little jog...shhh...don't tell. I know Nichole did the same thing though so I guess I shouldn't feel too bad about it! Good luck, I can't wait to see him. I love his name by the way.

Evans said...

Cute pictures! Love the one of me by myself! NOT! That was so much fun! I cant wait to meet the little guy! C ya on Friday!


I agree walk your baby out! It works I think! He will be here soon enough, just enjoy these last few days as much as you can. Life will never be the same, in a good way though. I am so excited to meet him, I can't tell you how much! See ya soon. Love ya

Robinsons said...

Tara this shower was so fun! i'll add in a ditto on the walking. with ry i walked up foremaster hill, addi i walked around walmart and lowes, brex it rained and they say that when it rains they have more babies born, and grady i walked around my neighborhood and costco. i think they come when they're ready but it can't hurt them when you walk. i also had a great dr. that on my last two kids would strip my membranes for me. it's painful but i think if you're kinda ready anyway, it helps speed up the process. good luck and we can't wait to see his beautiful face!

Brian and Kisha said...

You Look Beautiful! I hope everything is going good and I am sure Teagan will pop out when he is ready:) You never know whats going to happen . . . I had no painful contractions until I woke up in the middle of the night in full labor. So those babies have a mind of their own. I hope everything goes smoothly and can't wait to hear the exciting news!

Brianna said...

Dear Baby,
You're allowed to come out now! There are a lot of people waiting to see you. I'm pretty sure your Mom is sick of waiting, she is ready to hold you in her arms. So, tonight is a good night! See you soon!
Love, Brianna

P.S. I BETTER get a text message with his picture and info :) It's coming so soon!