Monday, October 13, 2008

Picture Overload!

So this last week has been fun and sad. Troy left for Alaska to go fishing last sunday and just got back yesterday I missed him so much I cry every time he leaves I am such a cry baby I know maybe it is the hormones that is what I blame it on anyway! So to make the time go faster I decided to take a few days off from work and go to SLC! I left thursday morning and got back yesterday it definilty helped to get my mind off Troy being gone. I can't get enough of Ever she is the funnest baby to play with seriously she hardly ever cries and just has the biggest smile on her face as soon as you look at her oh I LOVE HER SO MUCH! I also look up to my sister a lot I hope I am as good as mom as she is she has done such a good job and baby Teagan and I have a lot to live up to! Ya I think we are going to name him Teagan at least that is our favoite so far what does everyone think?? I will number the pictures and explain them sorry for the rambling it has just been a while since I posted!
1. Nichole doing what she does best being a mommy to the cutest little girl around!
2. I finally got to see Jenny's new baby she is so beautiful and so TINY!
3. Another picture of Dilynn she looks just like her daddy!
4. My sexy hubby I am so glad he is home it felt like he was gone a month he was fishing in the mountains of Alaska he froze his butt off but said he had a lot of fun.
5. Belly picture at 12 weeks prego I thought I was big then wow what a diffrence now.
6. Current picture I will be 23 weeks on wednesday and I can not believe how much I have grown I am getting huge. It is so cool that Troy can finally feel him move now it is so fun I am so greatful to be prego and have had quite an easy pregnancy I can not complain!
7. Ever and I she was smiling so big but wouldn't look at the camera just as her Auntie I love that pic though she smiles so big!
8. Baby Barnes bedding it really is cuter in person but I love all the colors that I can decorate with and Troy loves it so we went with it. My two choices according to Troy were hunting or sports and trust me the hunting one was so ugly! I love this bedding I am feeling a little guilty I am not making it but I was not sure how to make a cute sports bedding boys are so much harder than girls they have like one boy bedding to every twenty girls but I love this one!





What a fun weekend, I swear it goes to fast! Thanks for saying that I am a good mommy. Just wait when you little boy is out all you want to be is the best mom and you sometimes feel you are not doing a good job, so thanks for that! Ever loves you and you are always playing with her, thanks! I love your belly, the bedding and the name, all so cute. We never went to the craft store, I will venture there alone I guess and get some stuff k! Love ya thanks for coming! I can't wait to see Teagan!

The Jones Family said...

Tara you look so cute pregnant I love that you posted pictures. I like the name too- very cute! You are NOT big at all- just go back on my blog and check me out 2 weeks before I was due and then you will feel tiny! Cute post.

Brianna said...

I saw that bedding and was keeping it in mind if we had a boy. It's very cute. I'm jealous that you get to hang out with Nichole and Ever so much...even if she is your sister! Also I love the name seems to fit you guys. PLUS, I keep forgetting to tell you that I've had two dreams that your son and my daughter got married!! I guess we better watch out:) You are smaller than I was at 23 weeks, you look very cute.

Kim Martin said...

So cute Tara! And you're soooo cute prego! I miss you!

Rachel said...

Ha tara like you are even big! You are so cute! I love that bedding so much! I've never heard the name teagan but I really like it a lot! I'm glad your pregnancy has been easy for you!

Meghan said...

Tara you look so cute prego! i am super happy for you!

Logan Family said...

One YES vote for Teagan from me! We love the names like that as well, but we thought it would be too weird to rhyme our kids names with the last name...Teagan Logan wouldn't do very well we no chance of us stealing the name. But I still love it!

Stefanie said...

I only just found out that you're having a boy, congrats!! I like the name Teagan too, it's cute! A friend of mine named her baby that, only they spell it Tegan. I love all the pics too, you look so cute pregnant! :) Congrats again!

Lindsey said...

I like the name a lot! It was fun to see you at Bri's shower. You and Nichole are such great thoughtful friends. What cute presents. You look great pregnant! You should make a habbit out of it!!! ha!

Jessica McAllister said...

I love this bedding good choice.

Brian and Kisha said...

Hey there! I switched our blog to private and wanted to make sure those that still wanted to peek in could . . . so if you could send me your email addresses my email is Thanks hope you are all doing good!

Jake, Jacy, and Lex said...

Teagan... Such a great name! Believe it or not, that was one of the final names Jake and I picked from! We loved it!! I like the thought of calling him Teag! Love the belly and the bedding!!

Katie K. said...

I got your shower invite. It's so cute. I'm so sad I won't be able to come. It's the same night as our salon Christmas party. :(