Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm Still Alive!

So I know it may seem like forever since I have done a new post and that is probably because it has been like 2 months! I am sure by now no one even checks by blog. I have been super busy with work, and just life I know that is no excuse but I need some helo. It seems like most everyone is so good at taking pictures of everything you do, I am so bad at taking pictues it is sad. I really have no pictures we bought a nice new camera in hopes of getting better but no we have not improves in the least. What is the secret how do you get your self to be the picture taker??

Anyway life is good Troy just got his car dealer liscense and has been doing so good at it I am so proud of him he is so motivated! I could never ask for a better husband he is so good to me and I love him more and more every day! Our 2 year anniversary is coming up Feb. 11 and we are trying to decide what to do because Valentines day is just a couple days after that I think I hosed my self because in his eyes we should just combined the two! How boring I love valentines day.

I have also been busy sewing Nicholes baby bedding I am so excited it is so cute I was so glad she trusted me to do it. It has been a challenge because I have never made bumpers or bed skirts but if she wants me to I will post a picture of them the colors are so cute!! Troys sister also had a baby a week ago a little boy named him Darrik Johnson I need to post a picture if him he is so stinkin cute! It seem like everyone I know is pregnant right now and it is making me baby hungry I love kids. I babysit one of my friends baby she is 11 months old I watched her over night it was so much fun Troy helped me and it was so cute to see him with a little girl he was so cute with her. He even admited that he wouldn't mind having a girl first and trust me he has never said that before it is always boy boy boy. Anyway I will try to post some of those pictures when I get home from work I think I have taken on the idenity of worst blogger hopefully there is some people out there that have not given up on me! If you made it through this message I am impressed...


Rhett and Nichole said...

I made it through! Yay!

You can post it, it is so cute, you did a good job show it off!

Brianna said...

Oh my holy heck!!!! Look who is still around?!?! You are right, I had given up on your blog! I definilty want to see the baby's quilt because I don't think I'll be around for the shower so PLEASE post it!